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Member budget scheme guidance and form

This Member’s Budget Award Scheme was introduced to support small to medium community driven projects and enhance the ability of Members, to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of their local communities. Funding is provided to recipients as a discretionary award and is aimed at addressing priorities for action identified within the Local Delivery Plans (LDP). The budget for 2019/20 is £5000 per member.

Please read the full guidance notes before applying for funding as there are a number of conditions, before, during and after receiving the funding. You are bidding for funding which is public money and your bid will be considered in a fair, transparent way by both officers and Members following the guidance set out in this note.

How to apply

Step 1

 Pre application check, does your project/group meet the following three basic criteria:

  • Does your group have a constitution?
  • Does your group have a bank account?
  • Does your project benefit a wider and varied community?

If the answer is yes to all three questions then please move to 1b

If the answer is no to any of the three questions your group are not eligible to make an application for funding. Please speak to a member of your locality team who will be happy to;

  • Signpost you to organisations who can help you develop a constitution
  • Inform you about other arrangements e.g. where organisations or groups do not hold their own bank account it is also possible for funding to be held by another organisation in their bank account on behalf of the group applying for the funding. However, this will need approval from the relevant Locality Team and should be clearly reflected in the Member Budget Application Form
  • Help you develop your project to benefit the wider community.

Step 1b

  • Does your project already receive other funding from Cheshire West and Chester Council? 

 If yes, then your application could be requesting duplicate funding from the Council, which will not be accepted. Please check with your Locality Team before completing an application form.  If the answer is no move to step 2.

Step 2

Decide on the amount you are applying for, funding can be a minimum of £250 to a maximum of £5,000 per and any amount in-between.

Step 3

Complete the application form in full and submit it to the appropriate Locality Team attaching your constitution, bank statement and any requested documentation. Your Locality Team can provide guidance on completing the application form.

Fully completed applications should be submitted at least eight (8) weeks before the project or event start date to enable appropriate financial compliance.

Step 4

The Locality Team will acknowledge receipt of your application. Only fully completed applications will be sent to the appropriate local Ward Members for a decision.

Step 5

You will receive notification of a decision within 28 days of our receipt of a fully completed application form with all associated documents attached. Application forms that are incomplete or missing requested documents will not be processed for funding.

All applications with requested documents should be returned to the appropriate Locality Team (details are listed on the front of the application form).

You must indicate on the application form which local Ward Members you are requesting funding from, these can be found at:

Step 6

If your application is successful the Locality Team will arrange the BACS payment. Internal applications will be made by Journal Transfer which the Locality Team will arrange.

What we can and cannot fund

What we can fund: 

  • Equipment hire or purchase
  • Community events or activities – these may take place on an annual basis
  • Improvements or additions to community facilities
  • Materials and equipment for a local project
  • Seasonal or project workers (those who work only as and when required), or an element of salary    costs incurred as part of a wider scheme
  • Start-up costs for groups or activities
  • Team clothing or kit
  • Environmental improvements to the local area
  • Training or capacity building events
  • Revenue (running or day-to-day) costs such as transport costs, venue hire, volunteer expenses
  • Capital (fixed items) works or expenditure

Funding from multiple ward Members may be pooled together on a ward or locality basis; effectively allowing multiple members to contribute to a project that will benefit their wards together

The project or service must be located within the Member’s own ward or locality area or be of significant benefit to those living within the member’s own ward.

What we cannot fund:

  • An individual
  • Any costs incurred when putting together an applications
  • Loans or interest payments
  • Anything party political, including supporting political organisations
  • Anything solely for religious purposes
  • Lobbying against council policy
  • Anything that will bring the council into disrepute
  • Anything contrary to the council’s financial regulations or council policies
  • Anything illegal
  • Individual salary costs
  • Anything that does not directly a wide community benefit. This includes trips for individuals
  • Anything that doesn’t contribute towards the corporate THRIVE priorities 
  • Anything which is met by a Schools Pupil Premium Strategy
  • Any retrospective bids (a bid for anything which has already happened)
  • Applications from organisations who have previously failed to adhere to the Members Budget guidance and/or monitoring guidelines

D. Eligibility criteria

Who can apply for funding, examples of eligible award recipients include:

  • Voluntary groups
  • Community groups
  • Charities and not-for-profit organisations
  • Faith and belief groups for the benefit of the wider community
  • Schools and education units for the benefit of the wider community
  • "Friends of…" organisations
  • Parish or town councils
  • Statutory organisations.

Award recipients must send the following supporting documents with their applications:

  • A constitution, standing orders, articles of association or similar
  • Bank account details and statements (payments cannot be made to individuals)
  • Where appropriate additional supporting documentation will be required to be submitted with you application before it is accepted, the Locality Team will let you know if this is the case:
  • Equal opportunities policy and/or equality and diversity policy
  • A user protection policy if working with children and / or vulnerable adults

E. What happens next

Your completed application will be acknowledged by e mail.

If your application is successful you will receive confirmation by e mail within 28 days of acknowledgement of your fully completed submission and payment will be made in line with the Council’s Scheme of Financial Delegation.

If the application is unsuccessful – You will be informed by e mail within 28 days of acknowledgement of your completed submission.

Locality team contacts

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