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COVID19 - Pandemic Response and Recovery Scrutiny Committee

Residents are invited to help review Cheshire West and Chester Council’s approach to dealing with COVID-19.

The Council has established a temporary scrutiny committee. The cross-party committee, called the Pandemic Response and Recovery Scrutiny Committee, will meet virtually to discuss topics that include health and care, support for vulnerable people, communities and the economy.

The Scrutiny Committee will also identify examples of best practice, challenge lessons learned on delivering services, engage with communities to understand their role in responding to the pandemic and make recommendations that can be applied to future models of service.

The Scrutiny Committee's role is to question the Council, the work of the Council Leader, Cabinet Members and partners.

The Scrutiny Committee can scrutinise anything which affects the quality of lives of west Cheshire residents. It is envisaged that this new scrutiny committee will operate for approximately six months. The scrutiny members may wish to undertake some deeper dives into some of its scrutiny topics and these could be in the form: task groups, scrutiny in a day exercises or a scrutiny committee. At the moment the Council's four substantive scrutiny committees will not meet, but this will be reviewed on a regular basis.

How to get involved

The Committee would like to hear from residents to make sure that we are looking at the issues that matter most to people across the borough and we are keen to instil public confidence that any decisions which are being made in response to the pandemic are in the best interests of our communities.

The scrutiny members are also keen to recognise the outstanding work that the Council, partners, organisations, voluntary sector, businesses, communities and residents have done over the last couple of months to help Cheshire West deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

To get involved:

The role of scrutiny

Magnifying glass

Scrutiny in local government is an independent function, led by councillors, which examines local policies and issues and makes recommendations to those who are responsible for services.

This enables us to scrutinise other bodies and agencies as well as ourselves – such as the Primary Care Trusts, the emergency services and national agencies such as the Environment Agency. Scrutiny does not begin and end with the public sector. We can also invite voluntary organisations, charities, businesses and individuals to participate too.

It is important that anything we recommend is based on properly researched evidence. Everyone who wants to participate is given an opportunity to get involved.

Meetings, minutes, agendas and reports

Where to find help

Overview and Scrutiny 2020

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