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Qwest Energy

qwest energyProviding sustainable and renewable energy to its customers is an important part of the Qwest Energy offer to residents of Cheshire West and surrounding areas.

With all tariffs providing 100 per cent renewable electricity and a green tariff offering 100 per cent renewable gas, customers of Qwest Energy are all helping reduce the levels of carbon emissions, supporting the Council’s Energy and Carbon Reduction Strategy.

It’s important that we all do our part to help to reduce our impact on the environment. Not only does using less energy help the environment but it can save you money on your bills too. At you’ll find useful hints and tips on how to reduce energy usage and you can find out more about where this renewable energy comes from.

Plus, Qwest Energy is committed to reinvesting in the local area through a community fund, developed to support the Council’s affordable warmth initiatives. Understanding that nobody should be unable to afford fuel, Qwest Energy are helping to address fuel poverty in the longer term by including a discounted pre-payment tariff for those who need it most.

Find out more about the range of tariffs on offer and get a quote at:

Qwest Energy website

Where does our renewable energy come from?

Wind - wind energy is produced through turbines. Blades turn to power the turbines, generating electricity. Wind is the 2nd largest source of green energy in the UK producing around 30% of renewable electricity.

Solar - solar energy is derived from the sun. Photovoltaic solar panels (PV) convert solar energy into electricity. Solar energy is the most common household generation system due to its cost and power output.

Bio Gas - Biomethane is a fuel developed from organic materials like wood, crops, manure and waste. Microbes digest these materials and biogas is produced as a by-product. On our Eco Tariff, 100 per cent of your gas would be biogas.

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