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The performance table shows the 2017-18 year-end performance against targets.

Number of performance measuresGreen (achieved on or above target)Amber (almost reached - within 5% of target)Red (not yet achieved - beyond 5% of target)Further information required
165 70 24 41 30
100% 42.4% 14.5% 24.8% 18.2%

Of the 135 measures that were reported in March 2018, 79 (57.7 per cent had improved since they were last measured.

We have a four-year performance framework, which ensures that residents can access clear and up-to-date information on a wide range of measures that track the Council's performance in delivering key services. We consistently set challenging targets to promote the achievement of high standards that residents expect and put in place action plans to bring things back on track.

Full information on all the measures contained within this report, and the associated plans, can be accessed via the Council's performance website:

Financial performance

Council expenditure

The Council incurred expenditure of just over £597 million, while schools, which manage their own expenditure, spent just over £185 million. All costs are tightly managed and the strength of arrangements for ensuring value for money were recently externally verified.

Council expenditure
 Service areas£000  %Services included
 Children's services  111,774  19  Education, children's social care
 Adult social care and health  136,422  23  Care for elderly and vulnerable adults
 Places  115,605  19  Highways, waste, libraries, regeneration
 Local Authority Housing (HRA)  18,307  3  Housing provision in Ellesmere Port
 Corporate services  132,138  22  Support functions, capital financing
 Housing benefits  82,910  14  Benefits payments
Gross expenditure597,156  
 Managed by schools  185,124    Held by individual schools

Capital investment

The Council invested more than £108 million in capital assets and infrastructure, including supporting the following projects.

Capital investment
 ProgrammeInvestment £000
 Highways and transport infrastructure  14,700
 Culture and leisure projects  5,700
 Investment in housing schemes  11,100
 Progression of major regeneration schemes  36,100
 School improvement  14,600

2017-18 has seen investment in a number of major projects, including the progression of large regeneration schemes like Barons Quay in Northwich, the Northgate area of Chester and a number of school improvement schemes. £14.7 million has been invested in highways and transport across the borough through the Local Transport Plan and Highways Asset Recovery programme.

Financial standing

The balance sheet shows the Council’s financial standing on the last day of the financial year (31 March 2018). The net worth of the Council was £792 million.

Financial standing
 Assets and liabilities £000
 Building, land and equipment  1,462,770
 Cash and investments  52,639
 Money owed to the Council from debtors  50,792
 Money owed to creditors/suppliers  -109,352
 Provisions and other liabilities  -64,961
 Money borrowed by the Council  -296,853
 Pension liability  -303,044
 Total 791,991
 Financed by £000
 General fund reserves, including schools  34,782
 Earmarked reserves  78,308
 Other reserves  42,095
 Non-cashable reserves  636,806
 Total 791,991

Further details of Council finances can be seen in its published accounts, which can be found in full at:

Budgets and finance

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