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Supporting older people and vulnerable adults

Older people are supportedThriving residents outcome: Older people and vulnerable adults are compassionately supported to lead fulfilled and independent lives

Rapid Response and Reablement

In 2017-18, our Reablement service supported 985 people, aged 64 to 85, to maintain their independence by remaining in, or returning to, their home following a hospital stay.

A Rapid Response pilot to support hospital discharge and provide integrated care for people leaving the Countess of Chester Hospital was started in 2016. It is now part of the regular process. The Rapid Response and Reablement service have built a strong working relationship with a clear focus on maximising resources and promoting greater independence in the community.


We completed 176 major independent living adaptations in 2017-18 to help residents live safely and independently at home, including stair lifts and accessible bathing facilities. We also undertook 1,700 minor adaptations, including ramps, handrails and widened doors, to assist with daily living. All improvements were provided through the Home Assistance Hub and funded by Disabled Facilities Grants.

Local Supported Employment

The Local Supported Employment service, started in November 2017, has become a lifeline for people with learning disabilities, autistic spectrum disorder and mental health issues who have a passion to get a job. The team offers vocational profiling and personalised support to get people into work and help them remain employed.

Our large network of supportive employers has provided career opportunities in retail, hospitality and catering, construction and more. The service also supports employers to create a positive and supportive working environment. As of 2017-18, they supported 48 clients, with 15 now in paid, part or full-time jobs.

Dementia strategy

Our Dementia strategy 2017-20 recognises the importance of physical and mental wellbeing in preventing and delaying the onset of dementia, and enabling people with dementia – and their carers – to live better, for longer.

The Council and its partners have developed a more joined up approach to dementia awareness, prevention and early diagnosis, including where to obtain good information, advice and support. The strategy also recognises the vital role dementia-friendly and inclusive communities play in enabling people with dementia to live better by raising awareness, reducing stigma and bringing about change.

Our dementia work closely links with other related programmes, including age-friendly communities, early intervention and prevention, falls prevention and our work with carers.

Vivo Care Choices

Vivo logo - Your choice in quality careVivo Care Choices is a Council-owned company delivering over £11 million of care services on behalf of the Council. It provides a range of support for people with learning disabilities, autism spectrum conditions and older people, including those with dementia. It supports over 650 people and delivers 50,000 hours of care every month. It employs over 400 staff and has over 100 volunteers.

In 2017-18, Vivo:

  • opened the Little Roodee café in Chester, which provides vocational training and supported employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities
  • appointed a community nurse in its short breaks respite service in Ellesmere Port to better meet the needs of clients with learning disabilities (jointly-funded with Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust)
  • invested £370,000 in new equipment, refurbishment and general improvements to its buildings/facilities
  • strengthened its governance by creating two board subcommittees: Quality Assurance, and Finance and Risk.

Looking forward to 2018-19, Vivo will focus on improving its Care Quality Commission ratings; strengthening its leadership to transform and grow the organisation; attracting more self-funded service users and expanding its Shared Lives service, particularly long-term placements of clients with learning disabilities.

Visit Vivo Care Choices

Looking forward

West Cheshire Offer

The West Cheshire Offer programme will start in April 2018. It will transform adult social care and move away from a traditional approach. Instead of looking at what people can’t do and providing long-term support to help them manage, West Cheshire Offer will focus on what people can do for themselves as a starting point.

There is already great work being done by Council teams to help people stay as independent as possible, and this is being built on. By redesigning services, building stronger relationships with the voluntary and community sector, and making better use of equipment and technology, we can create a system that is fit for the future.

Integrated Care Partnership

The Council, NHS and the voluntary and community sector are working together to develop integrated models of care, building on strong partnerships already in place. The latest step is to develop an Integrated Care Partnership, operating across the borough, to coordinate health and care services to keep people independent in their own home.

We can ensure local services are sustainable for the future by focusing on preventing ill-health and unnecessary admissions to hospital and long-term care. Areas of early focus include the development of nine thriving "care communities", which focus on delivering care closer to home. Guided by resident groups and other organisations, this will build on the work of existing community care teams.

Pathfinder service

With 25 local organisations working with us to support and protect our older and vulnerable residents, finding the right support can be confusing. A single phone number, expected to be in service in April 2018, will make it easier for those to find help.

Callers will be referred to the service or organisation that best meets their needs. An additional £750,000 has also been invested, allowing for the development of services, such as those for people with learning disabilities and those with newly-acquired physical disabilities.

Arrangement of care

We have worked in partnership with NHS clinical commissioning groups across Cheshire, Wirral and Warrington to create an independent care brokerage service to assist residents in finding health and social care support that best suits their needs. The Arrangement of Care and Support service, expected to begin on 1 April 2018, is being led by the Cheshire Centre for Independent Living, AgeUK Cheshire and Warrington Disability Partnership and is supported by almost £335,000 of funding.

The service provides residents with more information about care options, as well as support to help them find and make best use of existing services in the community. The new service will mean more choice, control and flexibility, to help people take a more active role in managing their health.

Age friendly communities

Our residents are living longer, which is great news. We want to ensure living longer is matched by living happier, healthier, and more fulfilling and independent lives. Our approach to ageing well is being shaped by local people, communities and partners to create a more inclusive and accessible borough where older residents are respected and valued.

We have applied to be a part of the World Health Organisation’s Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities and the UK Network of Age-Friendly Communities to join other communities around the world that are creating better places to grow older.

Empowered Partners in Care

We have funded the development of an independent care organisation, Empowered Partners in Care (EPIC), to work closer with health and social care providers. This builds on best practice in other parts of the country where this approach has improved quality of care.

EPIC is being co-developed by a steering group of adult social care providers and will represent 150 independent nursing, residential, supported living and domiciliary care companies in Cheshire West and Chester who are responsible for providing a wide range of care services and support for our most vulnerable residents. This new organisation has been tasked with maintaining and improving standards by providing training, advice and guidance for its members, managers and their staff. The official launch of EPIC will take place in November 2019.

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