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Fairtrade Borough

Cheshire West and Chester is a Fairtrade Borough.

Fairtrade borough

The borough was first awarded this status by the Fairtrade Foundation in July 2011 and the next renewal date is December 2018. Borough status is renewed every two years. Prior to 2011, we believe Chester was the world’s first Fairtrade city. The accolade recognises the efforts of the Cheshire West and Chester Fairtrade Steering Group. There are now hundreds of educational establishments, faith organisations, retailers, caterers, community groups, workplaces as well as the Local Authority within the Borough that have all come together to support, promote and serve Fairtrade products.

Fairtrade Resolution

In December 2009, the Council unanimously voted to pass the Fairtrade Resolution and remain committed to its objectives.

Fairtrade Steering Group

The local community of Cheshire West and Chester along with the Authority regularly organise a variety of events and promotions to raise awareness of Fairtrade within the borough. These are organised and co-ordinated through the Fairtrade Steering Group which is made up of community volunteers, supporters and local campaigners.

Fairtrade Directory

A Fairtrade Directory was developed in 2010 to support the local businesses that supply Fairtrade products and promote Fairtrade throughout the Borough. While this is now out of date, it still does provide a useful list of Fairtrade outlets. The Steering Group unfortunately does not have the resources to update this directory and it is included here in good faith. The inclusion of any outlets does not imply that there is any endorsement or recommendation by Cheshire West and Chester Council or the Fairtrade Steering group.

Where to find help and more information

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