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Storm Christoph has caused significant disruption across the borough. Find out which services are affected.

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Connecting people to places of employment, education and wellbeing

Our Strategy for Sustainable Access to Economic Growth and Opportunity

This Connecting People to Places of Employment, Education and Wellbeing - Our Strategy for Sustainable Access to Economic Growth and Opportunity package builds on the existing Local Sustainable Transport Fund programme, focussing on key travel to work corridors between Chester, Merseyside and Deeside (North East Wales) where there are significant existing and emerging employment opportunities.

  • Achieving for more sustainable longer distance commuter trips;
  • Addressing local trips to work and training; and
  • Marketing, promotion and smarter choices activities

This excellent value for money package will support 17,000 local jobs, helping to facilitate an increase of gross value added (GVA) to £1.6 billion to the local economy, reduce carbon emissions, support our objectives to address deprivation and health issues, embed sustainable travel and support our growing economy.




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