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Purpose and vision


The Council Plan outlines our vision and priorities for 2020-24. It also:

  • describes the difference we are seeking to make
  • outlines the changes the council will make and how residents can play their part
  • provides a focus for all services and decisions
  • informs the allocation of resources;
  • fully aligns with the priorities shared with other partner organisations
  • helps us to monitor our progress and take stock of our achievements

The Council Plan is divided into two sections:

  1. Context: Details about the purpose of the Council Plan, how it fits into other key plans, the overall vision, and how it was developed.
  2. Priorities: An outline of what we need to focus on over the next four years, what success looks like, and what the Council and its communities need to change to make a difference.

Whilst this is a four year plan which covers the period from 2020 to 2024, the context within which the Council works is continuing to change rapidly. Whilst we will formally report on our performance against the plan on a quarterly basis, we will also review the plan at the end of its second year to ensure that it remains ambitious, appropriate and relevant.


By 2024 we will all play our part in building greener, fairer and stronger communities.

Working with common purpose alongside our residents, public services, and businesses, we will harness the strengths, hopes and dreams of our communities so that fewer people will be held back or left behind.

We will also have a relentless focus on value for money, stretching our collective resources and innovating to make a positive difference.

We believe that lasting change is needed to: tackle the climate emergency; to see more children and young people have a better start in life; to create more good jobs; to have healthier communities, living longer more independent lives; to see more neighbourhoods that are great places to call home; and ensure an efficient and empowering council.

The changes we need to make the borough thrive will only happen when we recognise that there is more that unites than divides us. We will continue to build relationships with every community, family and resident so more of us can play our part.

As well as delivering great services, we want to reignite the traditions of local democracy, community engagement, neighbourliness, and voluntary action. We will be an even more open, collaborative, and ambitious council which recognises that the answer to many of our challenges starts and ends with the relationships within our communities.

By working together we can all play our part to thrive.

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