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Values and behaviours

In 2016 we introduced a core set of values and behaviours which have since guided the way that the council operates. They were shaped through extensive dialogue with our workforce and are now well embedded. We believe they remain relevant. They will continue to guide all elements of our approach to supporting the workforce including recruitment, training and performance management.


We always achieve more by working as a team rather than as separate services. The council will not allow its services to work in silos and will always look for opportunities to work closely with other organisations that have shared objectives. Teamwork is also about having good relationships with our communities and service users, where we all achieve more by working together.

Key behaviours

  • Work alongside others both inside and outside the Council
  • Recognise each others strengths and expertise
  • Hold each other to account
  • Think about the needs of customers not just your individual service
  • Think about the big picture


This involves acting with integrity and being honest about what works well, what is possible, and what needs to change. It is important internally but absolutely essential in regard to our relationships with residents.

Key behaviours

  • Do the right thing not just the easiest thing
  • Explain the reasons for our decisions and actions
  • Be receptive to challenge
  • Speak up about concerns and areas for improvement
  • Be realistic about what is achievable


Respect is a value that is vital in public services. The council will always act to respect residents, partners and staff. It will respect the views and opinions of all, even where there are differences of opinion.

Key behaviours

  • Value the perspectives and capabilities of individuals
  • Respect difference
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour


This requires the organisation to think creatively about delivering better results for residents with scarce resources. Often this is about tackling the root causes of problems rather than treating the symptoms, embracing digital technology, working in partnership, and designing services around needs of our residents.

Key behaviours

  • Be enthusiastic and positive
  • Challenge when things aren't working
  • Seek out best practice
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Embrace technology
  • Reflect and learn from our actions and experiences

Value for money

This is more than just about saving money. It is about focusing on the priorities of our communities and making a difference for every pound the Council spends or influences

Key behaviours

  • Understand how much things cost and what difference you are making
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customer
  • Compare what you do to other organisations and learn from the best
  • Think about resources beyond the Council, within communities, businesses and partners
  • Call out waste and suggest ideas to be more efficient


Internally we want to empower our staff to find new solutions to our challenges. Looking outwards, empowerment is about working differently so that citizens and communities can play their part in tackling local challenges.

Key behaviours

  • Recognise people’s capabilities and strengths rather than their challenges
  • Trust your team, partners and communities to do the right thing
  • Make it easier for people to share their ideas
  • Seek out opportunities for growth and personal development

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