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What difference will this make?

Children, young people and families

The Council works with you to help you realise your potential. You will feel listened to, valued and supported to learn and develop from an early age. If you experience difficulties the Council will work with you and join up a range of services to help you get back on track.


Your Council will listen to you and work alongside you to get any issues sorted. You will be assured that your Council Tax is spent wisely and they are delivering the best service they can.

Older residents

You will feel supported, listened to and valued. We will build on your strengths and aspirations rather than your needs. You will tell your story once to local services and be supported to live at home for as long as possible. Your local community will be there for you when you need them and you will feel supported to make a contribution.

Rural communities

You will feel that the Council values your community and works with you closely to keep your local area vibrant and attractive. You have better access to the internet, more affordable housing and better transport.

Our town centres

All our town centres will go from strength to strength with a vibrant retail sector - fit for the 21st century - a strong cultural offer, and be great places to live.

Public sector partners

You will have strong relationships with the Council who will feel like an open and collaborative organisation.


Your borough will be a great place to set up or grow your business with skilled people, good infrastructure, an attractive environment and a responsive council that values your contribution to local communities. You will feel well advised on how to play your part in making a contribution to tackling climate change.

Local neighbourhoods

Your local area will feel safer, cleaner and greener with good quality and affordable homes meeting a variety of needs. There will be lots of opportunities to make a difference in your local community and you will feel well supported and respected by your Council and local councillors.

The voluntary and community sector

You will be central to supporting local communities to thrive and work seamlessly with the Council and other public services to make a difference.

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