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Keeping our local communities safe from alcohol-related harm

As well as causing significant harm to local individuals and families, alcohol misuse also causes significant harm to our local communities. Alcohol consumption is directly associated with crime, anti-social behaviour, violence and aggression (including domestic abuse). In addition, alcohol misuse is a factor in around 9 per cent of all fires.

Key actions

  • Increase awareness of the harms from alcohol amongst our local communities
  • Improve local data collection and data sharing between organisations to reduce alcohol-related harm
  • Ensure that staff working in the Police, Community Safety and Criminal Justice Systems, who have face-to-face contact with members of the public, are trained in alcohol identification and brief advice (an evidence based conversational tool which has been shown to alter drinking behaviour)
  • Pilot a safe space in Chester City on busy evenings which would provide an immediate medical response delivered by a non-judgemental, multi professional team and would include emotional support and signposting to appropriate services. The safe space would also act as a 'safe haven' to safeguard and reduce the vulnerability of intoxicated individuals in order to reduce the number of people in the town centre who become victims of alcohol-related crime
  • Implement the 'Drink Less Enjoy More' intervention which aims to address the over service of alcohol to already intoxicated people
  • Ensure the local licensing policy and enforcement activity supports the alcohol-related harm reduction agenda
  • Consider the suitability of other tools under the Licensing Act and other schemes to help with issues within the night-time economy and help promote Chester as a safe and vibrant city (e.g. Late Night Levy, Early Morning Restriction, Best Bar None and the Purple Flag accreditation programme for town and city centres)
  • Promote and fully utilise the local Cumulative Impact Policy to help control the density of outlets serving alcohol
  • Implement the Blue Light project (Alcohol Concern's national initiative) to develop alternative approaches and care pathways for change-resistant drinkers who place a high burden on public services
  • Promote a diverse night-time economy
  • Ensure the existing Public Space Protection Order is fully utilised in order to deal with alcohol related harm
  • Work to influence government policy relating to alcohol misuse e.g.
    • 50p minimum unit price for alcohol
    • Restrictions on alcohol marketing
    • The inclusion of public health as a fifth licensing objective
    • Reduce the alcohol limit for drivers.

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