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Reducing alcohol-related harm in working age adults

Across Cheshire West and Chester, a higher percentage of residents aged 16 and over drink alcohol when compared to England. Significantly more people binge drink compared to England as a whole. Around 35,000 working age people in Cheshire West and Chester drink at levels that will affect their health and wellbeing, with an additional 11,600 people being high risk drinkers, which significantly increases their risk of accidents, disease and premature death. We recognise the need to engage the local community in looking for shared solutions for tackling alcohol related harm in all its forms. Whereas most smokers want to quit, many people who drink alcohol to harmful levels are not aware they may be putting their health at risk through accidents and long-term conditions (e.g. cancer, high blood pressure, liver disease). Alcohol misuse also significantly increases a person's risk of being involved in, or being a victim of crime.

Key actions

  • Increase awareness of the harms of alcohol misuse amongst working age adults
  • Work with employers to ensure they have effective and supportive alcohol misuse policies
  • Where appropriate, undertake targeted interventions with high risk groups of adults, such as: the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) community, homeless population and offenders
  • Ensure the early identification and support of working age adults drinking above recommended guidelines
  • Further develop a 'Making Every Contact Count' approach for health and social care staff
  • Ensure working age adults identified as having a alcohol misuse problem can access effective treatment services and recovery support.

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