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Our approach

The impacts of drinking alcohol on health and community safety as outlined in the Cheshire West and Chester Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) demonstrate that we need to find ways to create a healthier relationship with alcohol. Our approach will focus on prevention and early intervention and there is clear evidence that in order to tackle alcohol related harm, we need to take a consistent and multi-faceted approach. The following sections below outline the actions being taken locally to reduce alcohol-related harm across the life course and make recommendations for the future.

In addition, community and treatment and recovery sections have been included to cover issues that affect people of all ages.

For each section, we have looked at the scale of alcohol-related harm, assessed current activity to reduce harm, identified gaps compared to best practice, and set down the additional actions needed to reduce alcohol-related harm in our communities. Moving forwards, this strategy will be supported by a detailed action plan outlining timescales and the people responsible for leading changes.

  1. Starting well
  2. Living well
  3. Ageing well
  4. Keeping our local communities safe from alcohol-related harm
  5. Treatment and recovery

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