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Drug Misuse Strategy

Welcome to our Drug Misuse Strategy for Cheshire West and Chester. Our vision is to work in partnership, to prevent and reduce the harms caused by drug and other substance misuse, creating a culture that supports individuals to make positive choices for the benefit of their health and wellbeing and those around them. Reducing levels of harm caused by drugs is everybody's business. The misuse of drugs affects the health and wellbeing of many of our residents and impacts on the safety of our communities.

This strategy builds upon a range of excellent work that has been undertaken by partners locally. It outlines action needed to reduce demand, restrict supply and build recovery, with a particular focus on prevention and protecting children and vulnerable groups from the harm caused by drug misuse. We recognise that some people will have established issues with drug misuse, for these people, our focus will be on recovery, which will allow people to maximise their potential and have a positive contribution to society.

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