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Living well

Why is this a priority?

Healthy weight is influenced by a wide range of social, economic, and environmental factors, some of which are influenced by large-scale universal trends and others by individual behaviour. In Cheshire West and Chester, excess weight in adults is most common in the areas of Blacon, Ellesmere Port and Winsford. These areas generally also experience the highest levels of long term unemployment, deaths from coronary heart disease, long term illness and disability, income deprivation, and the lowest levels of life expectancy and healthy eating across the borough.

In Cheshire West and Chester, we are working hard to reduce inequalities, ensuring fair access to opportunities including education, jobs and services. We want to empower individuals and communities to seize those opportunities so that everyone can make the most of their potential.

We want to create an environment which actively promotes sustainable healthy lifestyle choices - this is critical if we are to really tackle obesity. We must increase opportunities for active travel, pursuit of nonsedentary leisure activities and healthier eating options, all of which are essential to reducing effects of the obesogenic environment. We will create a culture that enables and empowers people to become more active.

We need to explore opportunities to support and encourage individuals to grow their own fruit and vegetables by utilising community and public spaces and looking at policy around allotment usage.


  • Adults reach and maintain a healthy weight.

Key actions

  • Promote environments that support people to eat healthily and move more
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council will explore the opportunity to sign up to the Food Active Local Authority Declaration on Healthy Weight
  • Promote the Active Workplace Pledge and encourage local businesses to sign up to it
  • Organisations represented on the Eat Well Be Active Reference Group to lead by example and encourage provision of healthier and more sustainable catering in the workplace
  • Provision and promotion of physical activity, for example by introducing walking meetings or encouraging people to be more active during breaks and lunchtimes
  • Consider adopting #PartOfTheMovement as a local physical activity campaign
  • Support hospital and care home environments to provide good quality, appetising menus that meet different people's nutritional needs.


  • Adult excess weight
  • Percentage of physically active and inactive adults
  • Pecentage of the population meeting the recommended five a day on a 'usual day' (adults)
  • Average number of portions of fruit consumed daily (adults)
  • Average number of portions of vegetables consumed daily (adults)
  • Recorded diabetes
  • Numbers of health checks offered and completed.

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