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This strategy sets out our ambition to create a place where people have easy access to educational and health services that prepare and help them to make responsible decisions about their relationships and sexual health. People have the right to be listened to and to participate in the decisions that affect them, this includes being given the necessary information to make choices.

We acknowledge that some groups will need special consideration because they are at higher risk, are particularly vulnerable or have particular access requirements including:

  • young people
  • those in or leaving care
  • older people
  • gay, bisexual and transgender people
  • people misusing drugs and alcohol
  • people living with HIV and other people affected by HIV
  • people with physical disability
  • people with learning difficulties
  • people with mental health problems
  • people living with chronic conditions
  • people with any specific cultural or language needs, including refugees and asylum seekers
  • people living in rural areas where access is often restricted.

There is also a need to challenge how people perceive sexual relationships in later life and recognise diversity and change over the lifecourse. Positive sexuality and intimacy throughout the lifecourse is linked to higher levels of happiness and wellbeing, irrespective of age.

Poor sexual and reproductive health can affect anyone. People are affected in different ways, at different stages of their lives. In Cheshire West and Chester we are committed to promoting an open and honest culture around sexual health by enhancing knowledge and awareness, signposting appropriate services, providing appropriate clinical and nonclinical prevention services and combatting stigma and discrimination. Our sexual health improvement work will dovetail closely with related topic areas such as children and young people, drugs, alcohol and mental health and with all of the Public Health commissioned services. Through this strategic action plan, we will reduce health inequalities and achieve improvements in sexual and reproductive health across the life course for all residents of Cheshire West and Chester.

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