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Living well

Why is this a priority?

In Cheshire West and Chester we want to help and encourage people to actively decide on and manage their lifestyle choices. To do this we need to ensure people have access to accurate information, advice, support and services targeted to their needs.

We want to enable people to have a fulfilling sexual health life that is fun and consensual, free from coercion, violence or regret. Lifestyle choices such as using drugs and/or alcohol can affect people's inhibitions and judgement, leading to risky sexual behaviour such as unprotected sex, in addition to the physical and mental side effects of their use. We need to encourage our communities to work together to help people to stay healthier for longer and make healthy lifestyle decisions.

Simple changes to existing services, and awareness raising for those who come into day-to-day contact with people, such as staff working in educational settings or in leisure centres, can help advise people on wider lifestyle issues which include sexual heath therefore adhering to the ethos of Making Every Contact Count. We believe this approach will break down barriers, tackle the sigma often associated with sexual health and enable people to feel more confident both in conversation and in using services. Locally, we understand the importance of listening to people's sexual health needs and aspirations in order to inform and enable changes across all our services to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Challenge stigma
  • Enable and inspire improved sexual health and wellbeing across our borough

We are committed to ensuring the provision of services and interventions across the borough are fit for purpose to meet the needs of our communities and reduce health inequalities. A life-long learning approach is required, where appropriate information and services are provided from childhood through to older age.


Cheshire West and Chester residents are supported appropriately across the lifecourse to establish and maintain good sexual health practices and understand the effects of behaviours on their sexual health.

Potential indicators

  • Number of consultations undertaken for Emergency Hormonal Contraception undertake by accredited Pharmacists
  • Total prescribed Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC), excluding injections.

Other indicators will be determined by the Sexual Health and Wellbeing Forum.

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