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Our approach

Sexual health should not be seen as simply the testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections and the prevention of unplanned pregnancy, but must be seen in its widest context, taking into account the person's environment, the geography within which they live and the life stage they are at.


The strategy seeks to influence the ability for adults and young people to lead healthy lifestyles and minimise risk. This includes the provision of information and advice, promotion of key sexual health messages, educational and awareness raising sessions, distribution of safer sex materials and outreach work.

Partnership working

Ensuring prevention is high on the agenda and in order to meet the many sexual health challenges, effective partnership working will be key. This will include public, private and voluntary partner organisations working together, and the involvement of the public through consultation and community engagement.

Evidence base

Decisions about services and programmes should be based upon the best available information and our strategy is based on our knowledge of local need as shown in the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment . This ensures we make best use of resources, providing the best possible services and support.

Personal responsibility and empowerment

Empowerment is about individuals and communities increasing control over their lives and their health (in this case, their sexual and reproductive health). Individual empowerment is about people having a sense of control over their lives through building people's confidence, boosting their self-esteem, developing their coping mechanisms or enhancing their personal skills. Community empowerment is about allowing people to take control of the decisions that influence their lives and health.

  1. Prevention
  2. Diagnosing well
  3. Living well
  4. Ageing well

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