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Our principles

Outcomes focused

We want to put people at the heart of our strategy. We believe this will help to improve their sexual health and wellbeing outcomes, and ensure there is autonomy and accountability.

Emphasis on local action

Local solutions resulting in local action will require strong relationships and dialogue with counterparts, as well as a commitment to base decisions on assessed need, service user involvement and national guidance.


We will find new ways of working that will serve people better. We will develop new models of support and service delivery through best practice, being creative and working across the health and social care system.

Advocate for change

We will commit to challenging attitudes, behaviours, terminology and how we deliver services whenever possible to ensure we continually progress our ambition to improve the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of people living in the borough.


The strategy will endorse and present a borough-wide approach whilst simultaneously appreciating the need for targeted working to address the specific issues that are areas of concern. In order to address the issue of equity (fairness), it will seek to foster collaboration with the commissioners of other strands of sexual health provision such as HIV treatment and care, and abortion services.

Building stronger links

We understand that poor sexual and reproductive health, including risky sexual behaviour, can go hand in hand with issues such as poor mental health, alcohol or substance misuse or living with other major stresses in life. We will create stronger ties with services that can offer support with these underlying issues.

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