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Strategy delivery

The indicators suggested will use existing performance measures and may require the creation of new performance measures which align to the outcomes identified within the strategy. The local Sexual Health and Wellbeing Forum will review the action plans and the outcome measures at least annually. Progress and updates will also be provided regularly to the Health and Wellbeing Board. The strategy and action plans will develop as goals are achieved and circumstances change. We will be responsive to the information we gain through the continual involvement of organisations, groups and local people, including service users.

Progress monitoring and feedback will be achieved through the following:

Joint scorecard

Key statistical data monitored regularly by the Sexual Health and Wellbeing Forum and the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Exception reporting

Statistical data which is escalated to the Health and Wellbeing Board requiring review or action.

Health and wellbeing partnership updates

Updates will form part of a report that is presented to the Public Health Governance Group and to the Health and Wellbeing Board when required.

Themed discussions

The Sexual Health and Wellbeing Forum will have a rolling programme focusing on key issues which will generate challenge and actions.

Peer review

The Sexual Health and Wellbeing Forum will seek to enhance the performance of the strategy and share learning

The voices of local people, service users, carers and wider partnership

There will be a process established to ensure there are opportunities for service user groups and communities to feedback their own views and experiences.

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