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Smoking is harmful and costly. There is the human cost of illness, fires, premature death and poverty, the cost to our health and social care services and the environmental costs from littering.

In 2016:

  • Tobacco sales in Cheshire West and Chester totalled £86.3 million
  • 3,085 smoking-related hospital admissions each year
  • 830 smoking-related deaths each year
  • Healthcare costs associated with treating tobacco-related illness, £11.7 million and £0.77 million for illness due to passive smoking
  • Lost productivity from smoking breaks, sick days and premature deaths, £68.4 million (Note, our local contribution in tobacco duty is £41.6million) (Note, one in two smokers will die prematurely)
  • Social care needs due to smoking-related ill health, £7.74 million (including £4.2 million pounds paid by the local authority and £3.5 million in self-funded care) (Note, on average smokers develop social care needs four years before non-smokers)
  • 36 tonnes of waste
  • £1.5 million costs due to fires caused by cigarettes.

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