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Postal Votes and Proxy Votes

Elections 2019

If you cannot attend a polling station on 12 December then you can vote by post or by proxy.

Voting by post (postal vote)

The deadline to apply for a postal vote (26 November) has now passed. 

Important note

For any applications received after 5pm on 5 November the postal vote will arrive on or around 4 December.

We cannot guarantee delivery of postal vote packs outside of the UK.

Proxy voting

The deadline to apply for a proxy vote (4 December) has now passed. You can still apply for an Emergency Proxy Vote before 5pm on the day of the election.

Guidance for voting by post or proxy

A video from the Electoral Commission on YouTube has useful information about absent voting (voting by proxy or postal vote):

Emergency proxy

The deadline for Emergency proxies has now passed.

Refreshing absent vote identifiers

Legislation requires the Electoral Registration Officer to conduct an annual review of every person who remains a postal ('absent') voter, and whose signature held on record is more than five years old. These will be sent a notice in writing requiring them to provide a fresh signature if they wish to retain their postal vote. The notice will require the elector to supply a specimen of their signature and if this is not received within six weeks of the date of the notice their absent voting facility will be cancelled.

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