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Business crime

Cheshire West & North Wales Business Crime Reduction Partnership is one of the best business crime reduction partnerships in the country (National Association of Business Crime Partners).

Any retailer in the city can join. The size of your store will determine the cost.

Benefits of joining

To arrange a visit or for more information, please contact:


  • a radio linking to the city-wide CCTV and patrolling police officers and PCSOs
  • weekly intelligence sharing sessions
  • an exclusion scheme - a person banned from one is banned from all
  • access to the DISC app on your smartphone, showing who you should be looking out for before they enter your store

Training available

  • preventing shoplifting - top 10 tips to deter the thieves
  • suspicious behaviour to look out for
  • common tactics used in the past
  • taking positive action
  • detaining a shoplifter - what to do