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Food hygiene for businesses


Infection control eg COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us how important it is to manage hygiene, health and safety and business continuity in our business settings.

Managing an outbreak in your business setting

This area of the website provides information for food businesses including how to start or change a food business, guidance on food information regulations, food inspections and the national food hygiene scheme. 

We are responsible for enforcing National and European Union food hygiene legislation in all food businesses operating within borough and regularly inspects food premises to achieve improvements in practices and procedures.

All food businesses are awarded Food Hygiene Rating Score which is published on the Government’s Food Standards Agency website. If you are a new or existing food business and you want to improve your Food Hygiene Rating Score you can take part in the GET 5 Scheme.

Environmental health officers, technical officers and regulatory services officers authorised by us have the right to enter and inspect food premises at all reasonable hours.

How to report an issue

For minor problems we advise that you go directly to the company, our Food Safety and Training Standards team deal with complaints that pose public health risks such as.

  • food that is not safe to eat or that makes you ill
  • food that is so contaminated that it could not be reasonably eaten
  • food that contains a foreign object (fragments of glass in a loaf of bread)

Where to find help

  • Phone: 0300 123 7038
  • By post: Regulatory Services, Wyvern House, Winsford, CW7 1AH

Further information

Further information including Safer Food Better Business diary pages can be found on the Food Standards Agency website.