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Selling animals as Pets

You can apply for a new application or to renew your application to sell animals as pets using the Pet vending licence application form (Word, 51KB).

Please download the application, complete it including the supporting information as appendices and send it to us via email at indicating that you wish to pay by card.

Alternatively, you can post your application us with a cheque to Animal Health & Welfare, Wyvern House, The Drumber, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 1AH.

Supporting information

Please note that your application (including renewal applications) will not be accepted without the relevant supporting information:

  • plan of premise
  • operating procedures
  • register of animals 
  • feeding procedures
  • cleaning procedures
  • transportation procedures
  • disease control policy
  • health and welfare monitoring procedure
  • exercise and enrichment policy
  • death and escape of animals procedures
  • storage of carcasses procedures
  • revocation/emergency care of animals in an emergency procedure
  • emergency evacuation plan
  • training policy/records
  • preventative health care plan which has been agreed by a veterinarian
  • (a) the full name of the supplier of the animal
  • (b) the animal's sex (where known)
  • (c) the animal's age (where known)(except in the case of fish)
  • (d) details of any veterinary treatment (where known)
  • (e) the date of birth of the animal or, if the animal was acquired by the licence holder, the date of its acquisition
  • (f) the date of sale of the animal by the licence holder
  • (g) the date of the animals death (if applicable)

Further information 

The latest guidance can be found on the Canine and Feline Sector Group website (CFSG). More information regarding the applications process can be found on our animals licences homepage.

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