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Artists licence

Artists are regulated under the Cheshire County Council Act of 1980. Under the Act selling items on a street is illegal without having a Licence issued by us. The Licensing Team issues two categories of Artist's Licence; Default and Full.

For further information about artists licences, or to request an application form, please contact the Licensing team.

Where am I allowed to sell my items?

There are six Artist's Pitches along the Groves area of the Chester City Centre for full licence holders and default licence holders:

  • full licence holders are granted permanent rights to one of those pitches
  • default licence holders are able to use any of the pitches if they are available, however should the full licence holder for that pitch arrive before 12pm, the default holder must relinquish the pitch and allow the full licence holder to trade

We issue a maximum of six full and three default licences.

We have a duty to protect the public purse, for further information about what we do with the information you provide to us visit our Data Protection and Freedom of Information page.


For information about fees please see the licensing area fees section of this website.

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