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Minor variation

A minor variation will generally fall into four categories:

  • minor changes to the structure or layout of the premises
  • small adjustments to the licensing hours or the removal of a licensable activity
  • removal of out of date or unenforceable conditions
  • addition of volunteered conditions

A minor variation cannot be:

  • changes to the layout that increase capacity for drinking, block exits or impede the effective operation of noise reduction measures
  • addition of alcohol sales or supplies
  • extensions to licensing hours for the supply of alcohol between the hours of 11pm and 7am
  • increases to the amount of time on any day during which alcohol may be sold or supplied for consumption on or off the premises.


You can apply online for a minor variation. The application form should be submitted to us, with a plan if the proposed variation affects the layout and a fee of £89.

Application for a minor variation to a premises licence or club premises certificate

What happens next?

You will need to display a white notice on the premises, showing all the relevant information about the application, for 10 working days. Interested Parties may make a representation about the application within that period.

We must consider whether the application could adversely impact any of the four licensing objectives. If there is any doubt, then we will consult with the relevant responsible authority. This may not be with all the responsible authorities and in many cases a decision will be made without consultation.

What happens if a representation is received?

Any representations received within the ten working day notice period will be considered. There is no right to a hearing, but any valid representations will be taken into account before a decision is made.

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