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Reviewing a premises licence

Only certain parties can request a review of a premises licence or club premises certificate:

  • responsible authorities such as the Police, Fire Service or Environmental Health
  • other persons affected by the premises
  • a member of the club to which the club premises certificate relates

In addition, a review of the licence will normally follow breaches of licensing conditions resulting in legal action or a closure order obtained by the police.

When can I apply to review?

You may apply at any time following the grant of the licence or certificate. If you have previously made a similar representation regarding the premises a reasonable time must elapse before you make your application.

You must submit copies of your application to us, the licence or certificate holder and to each of the responsible authorities.

The grounds of your application must relate to one or more of the licensing objectives:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm
Apply to review a premises licence

What happens next?

We will advertise details of your application for a review. A notice stating the reason for the review must be displayed on the premises for 28 days, beginning on the day after you make your application to us. We will also display a notice at our offices and may also publish details of your application on our website.

The licence holder, certificate holder, responsible authorities and any other person can make a representation to us about your application. We will hold a hearing to consider them. We will also tell you when the hearing is and what you need to do to prepare for it.

At the hearing, the licensing committee can decide to take one of the following courses of action:

  • decide that no action is necessary
  • issue an informal warning and/or recommend improvements within a particular time
  • modify the conditions of the licence such as reduce the opening hours of the premises or require door supervisors and/or CCTV
  • exclude a licensable activity from the scope of the licence
  • remove the designated premises supervisor
  • suspend the licence for a period not exceeding three months
  • revoke the licence