Right to work

The ID checking guidelines for basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks have changed from the 1 July 2021 and implemented for all applications from the 1 October 2021, due to new right to work rules in the UK.

Under these new guidelines all licensed driver and operator applications both new and renewal will have to prove their right to work in the UK. All British Citizens must provide either a UK passport showing that the applicant is a British Citizen or a birth certificate issued in the UK along with an official government document showing the applicants National Insurance number.

Proving your right to work in the UK

If you are from the EEA or from outside the UK or EEA you must provide a share code applied for on Gov.uk.

You must have one of the following to apply for a share code:

  • UK visa and immigration account
  • status under the EU settlement scheme
  • a biometric residence card or permit

If you are unable to provide a share code or the share code fails to give the information required about your right to work in the UK documentation from the list below must be provided.

The documents provided must show a consistent appearance, show a correct date of birth and that all documents are clear in any time-limited permission and any work restrictions. For any documents provided with the application originals must be seen at a subsequent appointment.

Right to work check list