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Petroleum and explosives

Registration and licences

To obtain a registration form or a licence to store and/or sell any of the products described on this page, please contact us.

Where to find help


Requests for searches of the petroleum files in relation to information about individual locations are charged at £30 per hour, minimum of one hour charge.


We are the petroleum licensing authority in the borough and we are responsible for ensuring safety at sites where petrol is delivered, stored and dispensed.

Petrol must be stored in accordance with certain conditions attached to a licence that we issue and our aim is to ensure the observance, maintenance and where necessary the improvement of safety standards.

Explosives and fireworks

Trading standards register the storage of certain explosives. If you store any of the following you will need to register.

  • small arms nitro compound
  • safety cartridges
  • black powder
  • marine flares
  • bird scarers
  • pyrotechnics
  • rocket motors
  • detonators or airbags

Our officers carry out inspections at registered premises to ensure that explosives are stored and sold in a safe manner.

Further information