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Weights and measures services

We aim to protect consumers and assist Cheshire West based businesses by carrying out a variety of Weights and Measures (also known as Legal Metrology) activities.

Verification, testing and calibration services

We offer verification, testing and certain calibration services to businesses and our equipment is traceable to national standards. We can also provide a certificate if required. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements. Contact details can be found on our information for business page.


The current fee for an Inspector of Weights and Measures is £70 per hour and there may be a minimum charge.

This will include the duration of visit, journey time and relevant administration. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our authorised inspectors of weights and measures regularly conduct visits across the area throughout the year to check the measurement of goods for sale by weight or measure within the borough. They also check the accuracy of associated equipment being used for trade or retail.

Weighing and measuring equipment in use for trade has to be approved (sometimes called government stamped or verified), suitable for its intended use and be within defined legal limits of error. In most cases it will be more accurate than the equipment we use at home.

Goods that declare a quantity when pre-packed may be covered by average weight legislation which means there are permissible measurement variations across the whole produced batch.

Inspectors of Weights and Measures authorised by us have the right to enter and inspect premises at all reasonable hours. Areas that are commonly checked by our inspectors may include:

  • food and drink premises
  • factories, shops, stores, markets and events
  • farms and feed mills
  • fuel stations
  • weighbridges

Public weighbridges

Public weighbridges are used to weigh vehicles and objects where a specific weight/load is important or to check that vehicles are not overloaded. They are operated by local businesses and are available for use by businesses or the public. They are generally sited at premises such as quarries, feed mills and docks.

A fee is often charged for each weighing carried out. This normally ranges from £5 to £10. The capacity is usually 50,000kg x 20kg.

To operate a public weighbridge the staff on site making weighing’s will require a certificate of competence issued by the Chief Inspector of Weights & Measures. 

Apply for a certificate