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Dee House and Chester Amphitheatre Working Group


Working Group

The Council is working with the Dee House/Amphitheatre Working Group to explore future options for the site.

The Dee House/Amphitheatre Working Group was set up by the Chester Growth Partnership in October 2018. It is chaired by Andy Foster on behalf of the Chester Growth Partnership.


The following organisations/stakeholders currently sit on the Group:

  • Chester Growth Partnership
  • Chester Civic Trust
  • Chester Archaeological Society
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council members from across the political spectrum
  • Cheshire West and Chester Council officers
  • Dig Up Deva
  • Chester Attraction Partnership
  • Big Heritage
  • Chester University Archaeological student
  • Roman Tours
  • Historic England in an advisory capacity.
  • St John's Church

Work of the group

The group is examining a full range of options for the future of the Dee House site.

Its work is based on the context of the One City Plan, national and local policy, previous intelligence gathered and the outcomes from the Amphitheatre Project. 

The group is focusing on fact finding and reviewing all available information and examining a full range of options for the future of the Dee House site.


Videos supporting January 2019 meeting

Dee House: The Future - Sharing the recommendations

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