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Referring to Marac

Anyone can complete the risk indicator checklist (RIC) and where a high risk is identified, a referral should be made using pages one and two of the form and attaching pages three to five. If stalking has been identified, please complete the additional eleven questions on page six and submit with the RIC.

Where it is not possible to complete the risk assessment, but in your professional judgment the person is at a high risk of serious harm you should still refer to MARAC.

Make a referral

High risk victims

High risk victims are identified through our referral form and checklist and the Safelives DASH risk checklist.

Honour Based Violence (HBV) and LGBT+

If you have worries that there could be HBV you can use the HBV checklist to monitor risk levels. If the victim identifies as LGBT there are also further questions to consider on this checklist.

Stranger stalking

If stalking is perpetrated by a stranger (where there is no previous relationship) you can use the stalking checklist to monitor risk levels and access further resources.

Information sharing protocol

All key agencies in Cheshire West and Chester have signed a protocol permitting the sharing of information where risk is high. It is always best to obtain the consent of the victim to share information but high risk victims should be referred to MARAC with or without consent.

Guidance on information sharing:

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