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Child licensing


Child employment legislation in Cheshire West and Chester is in place to protect the rights and well-being of children. Licensing is required for employment and performances involving young people and is governed by the Education Welfare Service.


Children under 13 are not allowed to work, and children aged 13 to 16, are subject to limitations on working hours and type of work. Licensing involves applying to the Education Welfare Service, with licenses issued with conditions such as maximum working hours and safety measures.


Licensing is required for performances involving children from birth to when they leave compulsory schooling. The Child Licensing officers check the circumstances of the performance or modelling and licences issued control types and hours of performances and the safeguarding arrangements.


Children involved in performances or other similar activities need safeguarding and supervising, usually by Chaperones approved by the local authority in whose area they live.

Enforcement and penalties may apply, for non-compliance with child employment legislation.