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School Attendance


Parents have a legal duty to make sure that their child aged five to 16 attends school. 

Parents and pupils are expected to work with school staff to improve and maintain regular school attendance, the school will offer advice and support around issues such as bullying etc. The school will do their best to help you and your child to improve their attendance prior to taking any formal action.

Facts about irregular school attendance

Regular absences from school can affect:

  • attainment levels - the quality of school work and qualifications gained
  • school routine - disrupting your child’s learning and that of the other pupils
  • the chances of children and young people being involved in anti-social behaviour a child or young person’s general wellbeing and long-term life opportunities
  • improving regular attendance at school is therefore a key priority, both locally and nationally

Taking your children out of school may affect their education, for example:

  • They may find it difficult to catch up on work they’ve missed – for example, if they need to complete any GCSE coursework or if they’re due to take any exams or tests (SATs etc)
  • Sometimes, if children already struggle with subjects such as Maths or English, they may find it even more difficult after they come back from holiday
  • Young children may find it difficult to get back into their friendship groups after a break
  • Missing time during the first year at a new school or the beginning of a term can lead to problems, for example, knowing what to bring to lessons, timetable mix-ups, making new friends etc