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School admission arrangements

Determined admission arrangements for 2022-2023

Cheshire West and Chester Cabinet determined the local authority's 2022-2023 admission arrangements and coordinated admissions scheme on 10 February 2021 in accordance with the statutory requirements of the school admissions code which states that admission authorities must determine their arrangements by 28 February.


2021-2022 admission arrangements were determined on 5 February 2020.


2020-2021 admission arrangements were determined on 6 February 2019.

Department for Education

Copies of the school admissions code are available from the Gov.UK website.

Schools adjudicators

Adjudicators work independently of the Secretary of State for Education and Skills in deciding on objections to published admission arrangements and variations of determined admission arrangements.

Further information on schools adjudicators can be found at the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.

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