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School appeals


Choosing your child’s primary or secondary school can be a difficult decision for you to make. The law does not give you a choice of school but it allows you to ‘express a preference’. In the borough most parents and carers get a place for their child the school they want. However, occasionally demand is higher than there are places available so some parents are refused a place for their child. If this happens you have a legal right to appeal.

You cannot appeal unless you have made an application for a school place and have been notified in writing of the reason why your child could not be admitted into the relevant year group.

You may appeal for each school at which a place has been refused and this must be in writing. Each appeal will be considered at separate hearings and you will need to complete a separate appeal form for each school and each child. 

Infant class size appeals

Statutory limits on class sizes mean that, subject to certain limited exceptions, infant classes of five, six and seven year olds may not contain more than 30 pupils with a single qualified teacher. Appeals against decisions not to admit further pupils will only be considered on extremely limited grounds.

Infant class size appeals is very important for you to read and consider before submitting your appeal.

Appealing and alternative schools

  • appealing for a community or voluntary controlled school
  • if you decide to appeal you are strongly advised to seek a place at an alternative school in case your appeal is unsuccessful. Securing a place at an alternative school will not prejudice your right of appeal for any other school

Where to find help

Information on the number of current vacancies can be obtained by contacting the relevant schools directly.

Please note: we are not the admissions authority for Voluntary Aided, Foundation Schools and Academies therefore you will need to contact the school or academy directly to enquire how to appeal.