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Walking Buses

A walking bus is a group of children, walking to school with at least two parent volunteers. Parents take it in turns, on a rota basis, to walk with the children. There is always a 'driver' who leads the bus, and a 'conductor' who walks at the back. The more children there are on the bus, the more adults walk with them.

Children who already walk to school can participate as well as children who currently travel short journeys to and from school by car. Children who live too far to walk all the way can be driven to the start of the walking bus. Walking buses are ideal for everyone.

Where to find help

If you would like to set up a walking bus for your school, or if you would like to know if your school has any walking buses in operation, please email

How is the walking bus scheme set up

A member of the Safe and Sustainable Travel Team assists with all aspects of setting up the walking bus.  This includes:

  • Risk assessing the route
  • Meeting with interested parents and providing all the necessary paperwork
  • If needed, attending assemblies and provide small prizes, in order to maintain interest in the walking bus.

The benefits:

For children

  • Get plenty of fresh air and exercise
  • Have the chance to chat to their friends before school starts
  • Get a sense of responsibility that they are doing their bit for the environment
  • Arrive at school more alert and ready to work

For parents and carers

  • Usually get at least one day off from the school run
  • Also get fresh air and exercise
  • Know that their children will be safe on the way to school

For schools

  • Have fewer cars outside the school gates
  • Benefit from having children who are more ready to work

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