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School term and holiday dates

The local authority is responsible for setting dates for community and voluntary controlled schools. In the interests of consistency for families across the borough, the Council would recommend the adoption of these dates by voluntary aided, foundation, academy and free schools.

Term and holiday dates for the academic year 2018 - 2019

Autumn 2018

  • Monday 3 September - Friday 26 October (40 days)
  • Half term: Monday 29 October – Friday 2 November
  • Monday 5 November - Friday 21 December (35 days)
  • Christmas holiday: Monday 24 December – Friday 4 January

Spring 2019

  • Monday 7 January - Friday 15 February (30 days)
  • Half term: Monday 18 February – Friday 22 February
  • Monday 25 February – Friday 29 March (25 days)
  • Spring Break: Monday 1 April – Friday 12 April

Summer 2019

  • Monday 15 April – Friday 24 May (27 days)
  • Easter Bank holidays: Friday 19 April – Monday 22 April
  • Bank holiday: Monday 6 May
  • Half term: Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May
  • Monday 3 June – Wednesday 24 July (38 days)
  • Summer holiday Thursday 25 July – Friday 30 August
  • Return to school Monday 2 September 2019 

There is a requirement for all maintained schools to be open for the teaching of pupils for 380 sessions (or 190 days) each school year. The remaining five days included in the schedule are for INSET days, which are set by the schools themselves.

Individual school holiday and term dates

For an individual school's term and holiday dates and their INSET days, please contact the school directly or check their website.

Term and holiday dates from 2016 to 2019

Cheshire West and Chester Council use a standardised school year. The principles agreed by the Cheshire and Merseyside local authorities (the former ‘Learn Together Partnership’) were adopted in September 2013 following a consultation. The principles are:

  • All terms to start on a Monday (or a Tuesday if so necessitated by a Bank Holiday)
  • (October half term to be the last full week in October) – but see note below*
  • A break covering the Christmas and New Year period
  • February half term will always be the third full week in February
  • Easter Break will be renamed the Spring break and will always be the first two full weeks in April
  • Easter will always be observed via the bank holidays for Good Friday and Easter Monday
  • The summer half term break will be one week across all primary, secondary and special schools and will normally include the late May bank holiday Monday
  • Where a school is open for part of a week to pupils, this will be for a minimum of three school days (to encourage attendance)
  • The five INSET teacher training days are all to be designated by the individual school governing body, but there will be no more than two days (in any one term) set consecutively for this purpose.

*Following discussions in 2015 between the Local Authority and head teacher colleagues, it was agreed the pattern be slightly altered. School heads wished to make the autumn half term one week later than is traditionally the case, in order to make the second half term of the autumn term the shorter one for pupils for example an eight/seven week split. As such, it was agreed to amend the principle of always having October half term to be the last full week in October. By coming to this mutual agreement it is hoped it will encourage as many schools as possible within the Borough to adopt the pattern and therefore ensure consistency for our families

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