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School term and holiday dates

The local authority is responsible for setting dates for community and voluntary controlled schools. In the interests of consistency for families across the borough, we would recommend the adoption of these dates by voluntary aided, foundation, academy and free schools.

Term and holiday dates for the academic year 2019-2020

Autumn 2019

  • Monday 2 September - Friday 25 October (40 days)
  • Half term: Monday 28 October – Friday 1 November
  • Monday 4 November - Friday 20 December (35 days)
  • Christmas holiday: Monday 23 December – Friday 3 January

Spring 2020

  • Monday 6 January - Friday 14 February (30 days)
  • Half term: Monday 17 February – Friday 21 February
  • Monday 24 February – Friday 3 April (30 days)
  • Spring Break: Monday 6 April – Friday 17 April (which includes Easter bank holidays)

Summer 2020

  • Monday 20 April – Friday 22 May (24 days)
  • Bank holiday: Friday 8 May (to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day)
  • Half term: Monday 25 May – Friday 29 May
  • Monday 1 June – Monday 20 July (36 days)
  • Summer holiday: Tuesday 21 July – Monday 31 August

Return to school: Tuesday 1 September 2020 

The Education (School Day and School Year) (England) Regulations 1999 (SI 1999 No. 3181) requires schools to have at least 380 half-day sessions (190 days) in each school year, beginning with the first term to start after July. This is consistent with the 195 days a year required by a teacher's statutory conditions of service: the additional five days are for in-service training (known as INSET days).

The governing body of a school is responsible for setting five INSET days out of the school calendar.  The school should communicate this information to parents – via such channels as a letter and/or school newsletter and also publish it on the school website. They should also provide this information to their local authority.

  • It is recommended that all schools take Monday 20 July 2020 as an INSET day
  • Where schools have more than fifty percent of pupils from a neighbouring local authority (LA) they will be permitted to align their term and holiday dates with that LA
  • Voluntary controlled primary schools are permitted to align their dates with the aided secondary school for which they are a named feeder school

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