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Traveller education

Within west Cheshire there is one part time Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Adviser whose main role is to:

Monitor the educational attainment of Gypsy and Traveller communities

  • the progress of all Traveller children attending primary schools is tracked to ensure all children reach their potential

Raise awareness and understanding of Gypsies and Travellers and their culture

  • training is provided for schools, settings, university students on Traveller lifestyle and culture
  • promote good practice of working with the community for Council staff

Support Traveller children and the schools which they attend

  • work with other teams and agencies in resolving any barriers that may exist which would impact on children’s progress at school

Promote educational opportunities among the Gypsy and Traveller communities

  • signpost to information on appropriate college courses
  • promoting the attendance of pre-school Traveller children at Early Years settings

Ensure equality of opportunity, access and inclusion for Gypsies and Travellers in west Cheshire's schools

  • working with other teams such as Admissions and SEN to find Traveller children school places if they move into the area from another area
  • offer advice and support to schools regarding the needs of Traveller children and the use of appropriate materials and resources which positively reflect Gypsy and Traveller history, culture, language and lifestyle
  • in‐service training to promote awareness and understanding of Traveller culture and lifestyle and how best to support Traveller children in schools
  • assistance with home/school liaison to promote better understanding of needs and opportunities and to encourage regular patterns of attendance at school.
  • advice on welfare matters such as school transport and health related issues.
  • loan teaching materials to schools and students
  • facilitation with other agencies/projects e.g. family learning
  • liaison with other Local Education Authorities and agencies nationally to share good practice

Further information

For more information contact Antoinette van Ommen: