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Cheshire and Warrington Low Carbon Communities network

Cheshire West and Chester Council has been working with other local councils and organisations as part of the Cheshire and Warrington Low Carbon and Resilient Communities Network.

The Network of over 30 groups, formed in 2008, was set up to support and help co-ordinate the efforts of the growing number of individual voluntary community groups taking action at grass roots level to make our communities more sustainable. Groups include:

  • Ashton Hayes
  • Transition Chester
  • Transition Frodsham
  • Transition Kingsley

To share information and help with further funding bids the Low Carbon Communities Network commissioned the production of a DVD highlighting successes of groups across the sub-region.

In addition, Cheshire West and Chester were commissioned by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to undertake guidance on how communities should be better prepared to help themselves in severe weather conditions and start to mitigate the effects of climate change upon their community.

To help communities become more resilient, a new video has been produced. In Cheshire West and Chester, a series of workshop were held during May and June 2013 to support local communities to develop their own resilience plans.

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