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Carers partnership board

All age carers partnership board banner

Our vision

Through the Carers Partnership Board, we want carers of all ages across the borough to feel valued, empowered and have access to the right support at the right time. We want to champion the diversity of all age carers throughout the borough and work closely with carers as well as health and social care partners to provide appropriate support where needed.

We want to focus on improving quality of life and the health and wellbeing of carers of all ages whilst recognising and respecting carers as key care partners. They will be supported to maintain their own health and wellbeing and to care with confidence and be empowered to participate as fully as possible in economic and social life and play an active role in the development of commissioned services.

Our aims

  • ensuring that carers are listened to and that their views and suggestions are shared across the whole of the health and social care sector in Cheshire West
  • working together with partners to make sure that the needs of carers are considered when planning or developing services
  • monitoring the progress of our All Age Carers Strategy across all types of carer support services and making sure that it remains up to date and relevant
  • working with partners to increase the number and quality of carer assessments as well as the data on known carers
  • overseeing the current commissioned service and holding accountability for the Carers Dashboard
  • playing a significant role in the co-production of future commissioned services for carers
  • ensuring that there is communication between all relevant boards including the Learning Disability Partnership Board, Health and Wellbeing Board and the Mental Health Partnership Board

How to get involved

If you would like to be a part of our Carers Partnership Board either as a carer representative or as a provider of services for carers please contact us.

For more details you can contact us: