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Support available for carers

If you have a caring role and need some support, the Cheshire West Carer Support provides a number of services to support carers:

  • general information, advice and advocacy
  • support for carers to take a break (including respite and carer break opportunities)
  • support for carers of people with mental health needs
  • support for carers of people with Dementia
  • support for carers of people with disabilities
  • support carers to retain and /or regain employment
  • support the early identification of carers in primary care/health settings

Cheshire West Carers Support service

Cheshire West Carer Support service is commissioned by us but is currently being run by Cheshire and Warrington Carers Trust.

This service offers training to carers in topics that will help them in their caring role e.g. benefits, financial planning, stress and resilience and first aid. They take place at both their Northwich and Chester Resource Centres.

Cheshire and Warrington Carers' Trust

Carers in employment 

Our Carers in Employment service offers support to carers who are juggling paid employment with their caring role. They offer support regarding carers rights, information and advice about their caring role, and how they can be supported more effectively in work.

The service also works with local employers to identify, support and raise awareness of carers in the workplace, and to develop a network of carer friendly employers in the borough through an accreditation scheme.


Each GP practice has a link worker who aims to identify and support carers. Carers are encouraged to register with their doctor as a carer to ensure their needs are met. To make your GP surgery aware you are a carer you can request a registration form from the Cheshire and Warrington Carers Centre. Complete and hand it in to your GP surgery. The surgery will make a note on your medical records.


If you are a carer, you are able to request an emergency card. You may worry about what would happen to the person you care for should you find yourself in an emergency situation and unable to fulfil your caring role. You can request a form by contacting the Cheshire West Carer Support service.


Cheshire West Carer Support Service offers financial support for carers in a number of ways. They have benefits advisors that carry out benefits checks to make sure carers are claiming benefits they are entitled to, as well as offering appointments to help fill in carer-related benefits (i.e. Carers Allowance, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Disability Allowance and Attendance Allowance).

The service also offers funds to carers to help on a practical financial level the Essential fund, Personal Budget and Emergency fund. For more information please contact the Cheshire West Carers support service.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology can be accessed from us following an assessment, which is currently being run by Welbeing.

Assistive technology and Telecare can make a real difference to people's lives, not only for those using the service to maintain their independence, but also their families and loved ones who appreciate the peace of mind that this equipment can bring.

Carers also feel safe in the knowledge that they will be alerted if there is an emergency. For more information, contact our Community Access team on 0300 123 7034 or contact our local provider, Welbeing:

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