Joining up care in Cheshire West

Integrated care partnership logo

Over the last few years we have been working closely with our NHS partners, the independent sector and the voluntary and community sector. Our aim has been to create new models of care that creates a joined-up system of health and care that is safe, affordable and, most importantly, meets the needs of the people who live in Cheshire West.

Now there is a clear way forward for us and our partners, we want to take the opportunity to introduce you to this work.

Why we are doing this

Many of us have relatives and friends who need support from health and social care services and have found it to be a difficult system to navigate. Too many people experience care that is not as joined-up as we would want for ourselves.

With demand increasing, it's clear we need to do more and that working harder in the same way is not the answer. We know we need to work differently to provide more care in people's homes and in the community by breaking down the barriers that exist between our services.

Across the country local areas are rising to the same challenges and seeking to integrate in a variety of ways. Here in Cheshire West there has been a focus on developing, what's being called locally, the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP).

The partnership

This partnership includes both West Cheshire CCG and Vale Royal CCG, the hospitals, us, primary care and community health services, as well as voluntary and community sector organisations. Put simply the ICP is a collaborative network bringing together healthcare professionals, local Council services and the residents of the borough to design and coordinate health and care services that meet future challenges.

By pooling experience, expertise and resources, we can make better decisions together, help prevent ill health and make sure that people avoid unnecessary admission to hospital or long-term care.