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Open a bank account with our support

Basic bank accounts do not allow overdrafts so you can only use the money you have in the account. Once you have managed a basic account for a period of time, you may be able to change it to an ordinary bank account with all the packages that come with it.

Having a bank account means you can pay bills by Direct Debit, therefore taking advantages of the discounts which some suppliers give. If you have sufficient money in the account all your bills will be paid.

You can have your wages or benefits paid into an account and access your cash via ATMs, normally at no charge.

The role out of Universal Credit means that all those in receipt of Universal Credit will be required to have a bank account.

A bank account is often recognised by many organisations as acceptable proof of identity.

How do I apply?

We can help you apply for a basic bank account. For further information please contact us:

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