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Building light colour change request

Eastgate clock, Chester lit in purple

We are supporting local, national and international groups and organisations by regularly accommodating requests to change the colour of the lighting in Chester, Ellesmere Port and Winsford.

As some of the structures are listed buildings, they are already lit up in a white light, which is best for highlighting their special architectural features. However, we can change the colour of the lights to help promote and support national and local events and campaigns.

Our LED lighting system, which lights these structures reduces our energy costs and saves on energy bills whilst allowing the structures to be lit up in a variety of colours and combinations.

To apply for a light colour change, you must be:

  • permitted to apply for the light colour change
  • a non-political organisation
  • a not for profit organisation

Planned and pre-approved light colour change dates

What information do I need?

You'll need to provide us with the following details if you want to request a light colour change. Please provide as much detail as possible.

  • the name of the event/campaign
  • the main aims of the event/campaign
  • confirmation of permission to submit the application
  • contact details
  • where you would like the lights to be changed and what colour
  • dates and a timescale of the colour change
  • a brief description of the event/campaign
  • details of any planned media coverage of the event or campaign.

You should apply at least six weeks before the date you would like the colour of the light to be changed. Applications made later than this date may be refused due to the limited physical resources available to manually change the colour of the light at shorter notice.

Request a building colour change

What happens next?

When you submit your light colour change application you will receive an automated email. The email will thank you for your application and provide you with a unique reference number linked to your application. Please keep this email and reference number as a record of your application.

Your application will be processed by our Communities and Engagement Team, who will aim to get back to you with the outcome of your request in 18 working days.

Checks will be made to ensure:

  • your application meets the light colour change criteria
  • the lights are available to be changed on the dates you have requested
  • the resources are available to ensure the lights can be changed on the date you have requested

Once the checks are complete, you will be informed by email if we have been able to secure approval for your light colour change request.


If approved, there will be no charge to the applicant organisation as the cost to carry out this work will be funded by us, unless otherwise agreed. The costs are restricted purely to the provision of staff and equipment to change the colour of the lighting for the required period. For the avoidance of doubt no other costs either directly or indirectly associated with your application will be met by us.