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Furey Wood

Furey Wood has been awarded Green Flag status, a prestigious award which is the national benchmark for parks and open space. This indicates that the park has fulfilled the judging criteria and is a safe, welcoming and well maintained park offering a range of recreational and leisure opportunities for people of all ages.

The site was originally used as a waste disposal site by the local chemical industry and as a result of this the soil contains a high concentration of clinker and lime. ICI planted trees on the site about 10 years ago as well as developing two areas of grassland.

The Wood is now used as an informal recreational resource by the local community. At present there is an overland pipeline being constructed through the only area of mature woodland at this site. 

Furey Wood consists of two main areas of grassland, one of which is an area of amenity grassland and the other which is a meadow area. There is a circular path (with disabled access) through the new plantation areas which is linked to a riverside pathway by steps. The grasslands are surrounded by woodland, the majority of which has been planted in the last 15 years. The woodland bordering the grassland is a mixed broad-leaved wood. This is a mixture of both exotic and native tree species. The more mature area along the slopes down to the River is dominated by Sycamore, Crack Willow and Oak.


Furey Wood is located off Beswick Road, Northwich, CW8 1AP. The site can be accessed from Northwich town centre near to Town Bridge via some steps.

There is a small car park off Beswick Street which visitors can use. There is a circular path with disabled access through the new plantation areas which is linked to a riverside pathway by 80 steps. A RADAR key is needed for wheelchair access to the grassland area and circular path.

Further information

Furey wood is one of nine sites which make up the Northwich Woodlands. Created from what was once largely derelict land, the Woodlands now provides a rich and green environment to the north of Northwich town centre. Each of the nine countryside sites that make up the Northwich Woodlands has its own unique character and history.

The Weaver Navigation and the Trent and Mersey canal flow through the heart of the Woodlands adding further variety to the landscape.

Exploring further afield

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