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Bowyer's Waste

In October 1990 the woodland at Bowyer's Waste, known locally as The Little Wood, was bought by Oakmere Parish Council as a facility for local people.

Previously it had been owned and managed by the Forestry Commission as a plantation, planted in the 1950s with a mixture of Corsican Pine, Western Hemlock and Cypress.

Prior to this date little is known about the management of the site, although maps dating back to 1875 clearly show the presence of the woodland and the use of the west of the site as a sand pit.


Although relatively small in size The Little Wood is home to a rich variety of habitats. Most of the trees in the woodland are between 15 and 50 years old although some are much older.

The wood is composed of both native and non-native species of broadleaf and conifer both planted and naturally regenerated. The wood features birch, rowan, English oak, red oak, larch, Scots pine, western hemlock and Corsican pine.

Wildflowers include bluebell, indicating that the site may be ancient, while forget-me-nots and foxgloves can also be found.

The woods are full of birds, including woodpeckers and even the occasional tawny owl. Along the woodland edge you will see the speckled wood butterfly. The wetter areas to the East, which are colonising with birch, alder and willow, are a good place to look for fungi.

The grassland on the site was restored in 1992 and, although closely mown, contains a diverse flora. Mature, open grown oak and birch dominate the north of the site, with more formal planting to the south.


The site can be easily accessed off the A556 by J&S Accessories.