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Boat licences


Use of your boat on the River Dee without a boat licence can be regarded as an offence under the Cheshire County Council Act 1980.


All applications must be accompanied by an insurance certificate, indemnifying persons using the boat against claims in respect of death or bodily injury to any other persons caused by or arising out of the use of the boat.

Change of ownership

On sale or transfer of a registered vessel, it is the responsibility of the former owner to notify us. If the owner acquires another vessel, he/she will have to register again.

Any licence issued cannot be transferred from boat to boat.

Alteration to your boat

If any alterations to a registered boat are made, for example: the change of an engine, we must notified.

Testing of boats

Generally, boats do not need to be tested before registration. The signing of the declaration on the application form will be accepted instead of a test. We, however, have the usual statutory rights to order a test before or after a boat has been registered, the owner being responsible for any costs incurred.