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Just six minutes

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We know we should eat more fruit and vegetables. We know we should take more exercise. Now we have the perfect reason to read more as well. It will make us feel better.

Mindlab International has conducted research that shows how beneficial reading a book for just six minutes can be. Inspired by this, the North West Reading Development Agency Time to Read, have commissioned a short film and other resources for libraries to promote this, including posters distributed throughout Cheshire West and Chester Libraries.

Cheshire West and Chester Libraries want to spread the message that just six minutes absorbed reading (i.e. scanning a computer screen, mobile phone or even newspaper doesn’t really count) will have a direct and significant impact on stress levels, thereby improving individual mental health. This message that you don’t necessarily have to devote hours of time to reading is, we hope, one that will appeal to people in today’s busy world with all its competing pressures and demands for our attention. There are displays in most Cheshire West and Chester Libraries to highlight the importance of this message and to suggest good books to read.

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